Minimalist apartment

Architectural & interior design for a 5 bedroom apartment

Many architectural changes were made in this 5 bedroom apartment to accommodate the clients’ wishes

The clients asked for plenty of storage places. So we created a large wardrobe for coats and storage behind the dining area. creating one sequence of beautiful carpentry work that frames the whole dining area.

The kitchen was enlarged at the expense of half of the utility balcony and the door connecting the kitchen to the utility balcony was removed. Alternatively, we placed a door between the children’s bathroom and the utility balcony.

We enlarged both existing bathrooms and created a pampering suite for the parents.

In the living room a hovering shelf and the three boxes on it were designed by Michal. Inside the boxes are all audio devices.The wires run from the devices in the box to the tv and speakers. The wires go through especially created paths in the wall, so are not visible.

A special secret passage for the family’s cat was created at the back of the lowest shelf near the dining area. We installed a cat’s door in the wall so the cat can easily access its sand box placed in the utility balcony.

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